Ophera Project. Cantieri Aperti. 28-29 de mayo y 11 y 12 de junio

17 de May de 2022

The European project Ophera addresses the reconstruction experiences of the Italian region of Marche affected by the 2016 earthquake. In this second phase of the project, which consists of holding open days, the aim is to foster a cultural exchange between restoration professionals and a wider public represented by citizens, tourists, local administrators, students and cultural associations, in order to transform the restoration process into a cultural event, capturing the spirit of the Faro Convention (2005) regarding the participation of the whole society in the management of cultural heritage, understood as a resource for sustainable development and the quality of life of a society in continuous evolution.

The teams, in which Pilar Montero participates, will organize two open days in the six selected sites in different localities of the region: Visso, Ascoli Piceno, Monte San Martino, Pieve Torina and Acquasanta Terme. These days will consist of the implementation of the activities designed in the third of the workshops held in Camerino in September 2021 and will be held on the weekends of May 28-29 and June 11-12, 2022.