Este jueves 30 de marzo comienzan a declarar seis de las 15 personas detenidas, acusadas de dañar un edificio público con pintura inocua biodegradable.

rotesta en el Congreso. Ocho activistas aproximadamente lanzan un líquido rojo contra la facahada del Congreso. Líquido que simula la sangre animal.

Paintings are easier to transport and hide than yachts and private jets. Don’t let them slip through, says Ukrainian sanction expert Vladyslav Vlasiuk

Attack on archaeologist in Athens is thought to be linked to developers’ ‘out-of-control’ clamour to exploit island

Los desastres han acompañado a los seres humanos a lo largo de la historia, tanto los naturales como los causados por la propia acción humana. Pero, en la época del...

THE Guardia Civil have recovered over 60 religious statues and artefacts stolen from a house in Cullera. Some of the items had already been posted for

Someone spraypainted a white letter Z onto a Russian tank recently placed in front of the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek. The letter Z is the pro-Russian symbol for the invasion...

The planned protest was timed to the 33rd anniversary of the museum’s infamous art heist.

These are the most memorable thefts from museums and art spaces around the world.