A Banksy mural critical of Brexit, has officially been demolished along with the crumbling building on which it was painted.

Saltwater damage could see precious historical Buddhist artworks dating back hundreds of years slowly fade entirely from view

Centuries-old churches and mosques are among the structures thought to have been damaged.

The fate of innumerable sacred lives, buildings, and artifacts destroyed mainly by Ethiopian and invading Eritrean troops are still being willfully ignored by Western governments and international organizations.

El director de Patrimonio Mundial lo califica de “despropósito” y el director de Patrimonio Histórico de Gran Canaria, de hecho “dramático”. La Corporación ha ordenado la paralización de los trabajos

In a landmark judicial decision, the Libyan Embassy in Madrid has successfully reclaimed 12 stolen artifacts that were smuggled from Libya to Spain. This ruling marks the first of its...

Un colectivo de arqueología social se reúne con el Gobierno y Cabildo para detallarles las 19 unidades arqueológicas, 17 etnográficas y tres arquitectónicas que están en peligro