After the February 2022 invasion, no museum in occupied Ukraine was free from state-directed looters

Stonehenge could be stripped of its World Heritage Site status if the road scheme goes ahead unaltered.

At least 817 historical objects were impacted by a fire that broke out at the National Museum on Saturday (September 16), the National Museum's Acting ...

Authorities are probing Sotheby's over sale of stained glass pieces, which some suspect may have been stolen from the Notre Dame cathedral.

German climate activists sprayed orange paint onto Berlin's Brandenburg Gate on Sunday morning to urge the German government to take more urgent action against climate change.

Firefighting teams prevent blaze from reaching Tel Gezer, which suffered minor damage in inferno last year; no reports of injuries

El comité de la Unesco decidió en su asamblea anual que se celebra en Riad inscribir la Catedral de Santa Sofía de Kiev y el centro histórico de Leópolis.

A UNESCO committee has decided not to add Venice to the organisation's World Heritage List in Danger, disregarding a recommendation from experts and sparing the Italian government from an embarrassing...