An employee of a museum in Munich replaced several paintings with fakes. After auctioning off the originals, he bought a luxury car.

“I don’t think there’s another like it on the market anywhere,” the gallery director told press.

Un gran yacimiento arqueológico en Aznalcóllar se encuentra en peligro de desaparición por un proyecto minero.

Faculty researchers paint a picture of what will happen if multilateral organizations fail to protect Armenian cultural heritage as Azerbaijan shells the disputed region.

Morocco is grappling not just with the loss of lives from the recent earthquake, but with the destruction of its cultural heritage – a 12th century mosque in the village...

Craig Milne reportedly smashed the windows of Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum with a sledgehammer and was heard making racially biased statements.

After the February 2022 invasion, no museum in occupied Ukraine was free from state-directed looters

Stonehenge could be stripped of its World Heritage Site status if the road scheme goes ahead unaltered.

At least 817 historical objects were impacted by a fire that broke out at the National Museum on Saturday (September 16), the National Museum's Acting ...