Culture of Defense, Cultural Heritage and Women Conference

18 de September de 2022

Salón de Grados, Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

September 29 and 30, 2022

Activity subsidized by the General Secretariat of Defense Policy of the Ministry of Defense and with a UCM grant for the financing of Special Research Actions 2022 AEOC17/22-29.

Coordinators: Pilar Montero Vilar and Jesús Martínez Paricio

September 29, 2022


9:30 Opening of the Conference

10:00  The absence of heritage protection in the disaster management cycle. Jesús Martínez Paricio. Professor, UCM. Professor in the Master in Disaster Management. Member of the Academy of Military Arts and Sciences (ACAMI).

10:30 Towards a culture of defense: protecting cultural heritage in times of conflict.. Pilar Montero Vilar. Lecturer, Department of Painting and Conservation-Restoration, Complutense University of Madrid. Director of the Research Group on Risk and Emergency Management in Cultural Heritage, GREPAC.

11:00 Coffee break.

11:45 You can't protect what you don't know: how to tell the story of Military Heritage. Mónica Ruiz Bremón, Technical Director of Museums. Member of the Institute of Military History and Culture. Army. Ministry of Defense.

12:15 The National Committee of the Blue Shield. National Emergency and Risk Management Plan for Cultural Heritage.. Juan Carlos Molina Gaitán, Responsible Technician of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, Secretary of ICOMOS-Spain and Coordinator of the National Plan for Emergencies and Risk Management of Cultural Heritage together with Ángel Luis Sousa Seibane.

13:15 Round table. Colloquium. Moderated by Mónica Ruiz Bremón

Break. Lunch


16:30 Peace and Security Agenda in NATO. The protection of cultural property as the axis of human security. Alicia Cebada Romero, Professor of International Law. Carlos III University. Director of the Women, Peace and Security Program. Women for Africa Foundation.

17:00 Symbols as signs of historical and cultural identity. Vianney Martin Professor of Spanish at the Notre-Dame de la Paix Institute, Lille, France and Associate Researcher at the CECILLE Laboratory of the University of Lille.

17:30 The Treasure's Journey. Manuel de Arpe and the Evacuation of the Prado Museum (1936-1939). Fernando Seco de Arpe, Rafael Seco de Arpe, grandchildren of Manuel de Arpe and children of Concepción de Arpe and Manuel Haro Ramos, Dr. in Art History.

18:15 Round table. Colloquium. Moderated by Jesús Martínez Paricio

September 30, 2022


9:30 Women warriors in Spanish military history. Alicia Vallina Vallina, Advisory Member of the General Direction of the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

10:00 The plundering of underwater cultural heritage: the case of the frigate Mercedes Susana García Ramírez, Head of the Research Area. Collections: Uniformity and Symbology and Archaeological Heritage of the Naval Museum.

10:30 Resolutions on "Women, Peace and Security" of the United Nations. The role of women in war conflicts and the defense of heritage. Delia Blanco Terán, Feminist, General State Administrator, President of the Interministerial Commission for Refugees from the Balkan War, National Deputy, and President of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid CEAR.

11:00 Coffee break.

11:45 The Isla del Rey hospital as an example of the recovery and defense of heritage through citizen action. Luis Alejandre Sintes, former Army General. Member of UN Peace Missions. Member of the Academy of Military Arts and Sciences (ACAMI). Presidente de la Fundación Hospital Isla del Rey. Premio Europa Nostra 2022 por la labor realizada en la Isla del Rey.

12:15 Protection of technological intelligence in the defense culture María Jesús Prieto-Laffargue, Senior Telecommunications Engineer. She has been a member of the Social Council of the UPM. Former President of the World Engineering Organization. Advisor to the UNESCO Development Program. COIT Pioneers Award.

13:15 Round table. Colloquium. Moderated by Delia Blanco Terán

Break. Lunch


16:30 Ingenieros y arquitectos: Defensa del patrimonio tecnológico. Fernando Rodríguez López, Professor of Disaster Management UCM-UPM. President IAEA-Engineering-Architecture. Member of CPV-Global. Vice-president of RESURGE Rehabilitation.

17:00 Legal and ethical considerations on the protection of World Cultural Heritage in wars and conflicts.. Juan Antonio Moliner González, Major General of the Air and Space Army (Retired). PhD in International Security. First Vice-President of the Academy of Military Arts and Sciences (ACAMI).

13:15 Round table. Colloquium. Moderated by Pilar Montero Vilar

Closing ceremony