Numerous museums and cultural centers have been irreparably damaged by the deadly wildfires that engulfed Maui this month.  

Dealer and buyer Ittai Gradel reported stolen items to the museum two-and-a-half years ago, emails show.

A part of the iconic railway line, located between Summer Hill and Jutogh stations got washed away in a massive landslide.

Viral incidents in Rome, Paris, Venice and other cities has garnered negative attention and expensive fines for tourists.

Peter John Higgs is suspected of pocketing the objects and selling them on eBay over the course of years. 

Durante el último siglo ha habido muchos hurtos de obras del arte y piezas arqueológicas. Repasamos algunos de los ejemplos más sonados.

La agencia ucraniana de Prevención de la Corrupción pretende evitar que utilicen pinturas y esculturas para saltarse sanciones y «ocultar y lavar fácilmente su dinero».

The museum has launched an investigation to recover the absent objects, which include pieces of jewelry and semi-precious stones.