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Movable property

Los desastres en archivos y bibliotecas: causas y efectos, protección y recuperación
2010 - J. Tacón Clavaín

The article addresses disasters as the major cause of loss of materials in archives and libraries. The causes that cause them and the effects they cause are explained, with examples of real cases. Methods of prevention, protection and recovery of affected materials are also related.

Cómo administrar un museo: Manual práctico
2006 - ICOM

Book with a chapter on museum security and disaster preparedness and another on illicit trafficking.

Abordando la gestión integral de riesgos en una casa museo del siglo XIX. El museo Cerralbo. Madrid. España
2012 - Pastor, A. et ál.

Comprehensive risk management is addressed in collections of the Marqués de Cerralbo House Museum, located in the city of Madrid (Spain) and belonging to the National Network of State Museums. This preliminary study focuses on the difficulties encountered throughout the author's training process within the framework of the Reducing Risks to Cultural Heritage course, seeking to bring the reader closer to this method. There are many museums and sites that today pose problems for the conservation of their works and installations: excess of visitors, space or air conditioning problems, excess pollution or vibrations caused by vehicle traffic, lack of funds or lack of conservation plans. These problems can be exacerbated in old museums, whose facilities have had to be modified to adapt to new exhibition and conservation systems.

Biblioteca Nacional: plano de gerenciamento de riscos, salvaguarda & emergência / National Library of Brazil Risk management plan – safeguard & emergency
2010 - Biblioteca Nacional de Brasil, Spinelli & Pedersoli

This book (111 pp) aims to achieve by assessing and addressing the risks to the BN collections, from unforeseen and catastrophic from unexpected and catastrophic events to ongoing deterioration processes. Portuguese and English
desde acontecimientos inesperados y catastróficos hasta procesos de deterioro en curso. Portugués e inglés.

Guía para un Plan de Protección de Colecciones ante Emergencias
2007 - VVAA, Ministerio de Cultura España

The purpose of this guide is to design and implement a set of measures to prevent or minimize damage to the museum's collections.

First aid to cultural heritage in times of crisis (Handbook). For coordinated emergency preparedness and response to secure tangible and intangible heritage
2018 - A Tandon (ed), ICCROM & Prince Claus Fund

Este manual pretende servir de
This manual is intended to serve as a - Reference for training cultural first responders, emergency managers and volunteers. - A tool to improve the emergency preparedness and response plans of cultural heritage institutions. cultural heritage institutions. - Guide to help implement first aid operations in conjunction with humanitarian relief and recovery. humanitarian relief and recovery.
- Herramienta para mejorar los planes de preparación y respuesta ante emergencias de
instituciones del patrimonio cultural.
- Guía para ayudar a implementar las operaciones de primeros auxilios en conjunto con
la ayuda humanitaria y recuperación.

The ABC Method. A risk management approach to the preservation of cultural heritage

From 2006 to 2012, ICCROM, the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE; formerly the Cultural Heritage Institute, ICN) established a collaborative framework "to create an international attitude shift from the traditional practice of preventive conservation to risk management within the heritage profession." This manual was conceived within the framework of that collaboration.

Patrimonio amenazado: evacuación de emergencia para colecciones patrimoniales

This illustrated manual (29pp) is the result of knowledge gained from similar field experiences gathered through ICCROM's First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis capacity building initiative. It provides a step-by-step guide for evacuating cultural collections under extreme conditions. It is intended to assist those communities and institutions that are trying to prevent the destruction and looting of cultural objects during a crisis situation. It can be used to train others and improve emergency preparedness at cultural sites.
Proporciona una guía paso a paso para evacuar colecciones culturales bajo condiciones extremas. Está pensado para asistir a aquellas comunidades e instituciones que están tratando de prevenir la destrucción y el saqueo de objetos culturales durante una situación de crisis. Puede ser utilizado para capacitar a otros y mejorar la preparación para emergencias en sitios culturales.

Guía de Gestión de Riesgos para el Patrimonio Museológico
2016 - ICCROM

This guide is an abridged and adapted version of The ABC method - A risk management approach to the preservation of cultural heritage, a joint publication of the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and ICCROM. The ABC approach to risk management has been developed and refined over a ten-year period as part of the Reducing Risks to Collections course delivered internationally by ICCROM to professionals in the cultural heritage sector, in collaboration with the ITC, the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and the Central Conservation Institute of Serbia (CIK). of Serbia (CIK). The purpose of this guide is to introduce recently developed concepts and tools to optimize the preservation of cultural property.

Manual de Gestión de Riesgos de Colecciones
2009 - ICCROM, Michalski y Pedersoli.

Draft version of the new WEB version of the ABC method