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Damage and Risk Assessment. Report to promote risk-informed cultural heritage first aid actions in Ukraine

This report details damage and risk assessments conducted at four cultural sites in Ukraine by teams working on on-site assessment with the help of a web-based application.

Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)

Project or initiative aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of Ukraine through digitization and online archiving.

Resolution on sanctions against the Russian culture minister and education minister ​
2022 - Unión Europea

Resolution of sanctions by the Council of the European Union on the Russian Minister of Culture and Minister of Education in relation to the situation in Ukraine. ​

Report on UNESCO’s actions and emergency assistance programme for Ukraine
2023 - Unesco

Detailed report on UNESCO's activities and emergency assistance program for Ukraine, pursuant to Executive Board decision 215 EX/5.I.F. The request by the Director-General to monitor the situation in Ukraine is highlighted, as is the need to report on the implementation of the program at the 216th session of the Executive Board. ​

UNESCO's actions and emergency assistance programme for Ukraine: draft amendment
2022 - Unesco

Proposal for amendment submitted by several Member States regarding UNESCO's emergency assistance and support program for Ukraine in response to the Russian invasion. It highlights the recognition of the measures adopted so far and urges Member States to continue supporting them with additional voluntary contributions. Furthermore, the importance of assessing the situation and taking relevant measures, as well as ensuring the effective implementation of UNESCO's emergency assistance programme, is emphasized.

Follow-up by UNESCO of the situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine)
2014 - Unesco

On March 27, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution affirming the sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. This document establishes that UNESCO must follow the evolution of the situation in Crimea in its spheres of competence mentioned above in order to be able to evaluate the problems and threats in the face of the increasing militarization of the peninsula.

Decisions adopted by the Executive Council at its 7th extraordinary session
2022 - Unesco

Decisions adopted by the Executive Council of UNESCO at its 7th extraordinary session after examining the impact and consequences of the current situation in Ukraine on all aspects of the mandate.

Summary records of the 7th Extraordinary Session of Unesco ​
2022 - Unesco

Summary records of the 7th Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Council of Unesco to examine the impact and consequences of the current situation in Ukraine on all aspects of the mandate.

NATO 2022 Strategic Concept
2022 - OTAN

This document determines NATO's vision of its role in the world, its strategic objectives and the principles that guide its actions. NATO recognizes and condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine and its impact on national and global security. It highlights the importance of supporting Ukraine and maintaining stability in the region, and underlines NATO's commitment to collective security and protection in the face of any threat. ​

United Nations in Ukraine Transitional Framework
2022 - 2023 - RCO

This Transitional Framework (TF) 2022-2023 is the strategic document of the United Nations in Ukraine in support of the Government of Ukraine’s response to the economic and social impact of Russia’s invasion and war against Ukraine